A couple bubbleteas in Taiwan. First is a pudding milk tea in the Taipei/Taoyuan Airport. Nice and frothy. Second is the standard pearl milk tea from Comebuy in Taipei Station. Got it at half sweetness. Everything was just right.

Alishan oolong milk tea, 70% sugar level, less ice, with grass jelly — from Champion Snack in Plano. Perfect.

Black (brown) sugar milk tea from Champion Snack in Plano. Discovered this one a few weeks ago via a friend. Pricey, but worth it!

Thai tea at QQ Teahouse in Plano. Pretty good, pretty sweet. Tapioca is a little inconsistent but overall good.

My first fat-cup milk tea ever. QQ Teahouse in Plano. Not bad!

Standard bubbletea from Jumbo Jumbo in Rockville. The milk tea is good, but these bubbles are undercooked, unfortunately.

From the other day: Viet iced coffee with bubbles at Fruitealicious in Frisco, Texas. Bubbles were great, and the coffee was good! No complaints. The actual milk teas looked legit as well.

Thai tea milkshake from Fat Straws Plano. An old favorite.

Specialty milk tea from Sweet Mix in Richardson. Not bad, but a bit too sweet.

I ordered the black tea from the Bubble Tea Licious truck in Washington, D.C. It has milk, so it’s really a standard milk tea with pearls. The milk tea itself is nice and frothy, like the old Java and Cha bubbleteas in Plano, but I’d probably prefer it a little less sweet. The bubbles/pearls are okay, with the right amount of chewiness; however, they lack flavor. The Jumbo Jumbo Asia Taste pearls were far better in comparison.

It was five dollars, the price of two bubbleteas or one beef noodle soup in Houston. This is D.C. though, and for D.C. it’s not too bad. (Remember that a pumpkin spice latte across the street is also about five dollars.)

Visiting the Washington, D.C. bubbletea truck.

The classic bubbletea from Jumbo Jumbo Asia Taste, the more northern location in Rockville. This time it’s actually pretty good! The tapioca balls were appropriately chewy and delicious. Mmm. 

Delicious milk tea alongside beef noodle soup from Jumbo Jumbo on Rockville Pike. (Belated post)

Hong Kong milk tea from Asia Bakery Cafe in Rockville. Solid! Tastes just like the one from Boba Latte!

Almond milk tea from Asia Taste Jumbo Jumbo in northern Rockville. Not very cold, milk tea not very strong… it’s okay.